Birgit Lindberg (b. 1938) is the grand lady of Swedish jazz piano.

She started her career playing with the big names of the 1960:s Stockholm jazz scene. During a tour through the northern parts of Sweden, she suddenly left the performing world to start a family.

There, she soon became the center of music education. Although she wrote songs and sat in with television bands, it was not until nine children later, and just before the new millennia, that she released her debut jazz album.

Collaborations has since ranged from duos with bass players, guitar trios and once in a while, larger ensembles.

The 2019 release of "Blame it on my youth" ( is the first Album where Birgit Lindberg takes full advantage of the intimate duo format.

Prominent musical friends from different parts of Sweden, a wide age span, and with different instrument voices, were invited to one-on-one live recordings, with no edits.

The album was recorded in a modern church outside Stockholm, with the occasional noise from the snowplows leaking in. Some of this was included in the final album, adding a feeling of true authenticity.

1999 My foolish heart.
2005 My dear ones. Birgit Lindberg trio & Anders Färdal. (Konfonium.)
2007 A second thought. Birgit Lindberg / Anders Färdal quartet. (Konfonium.)
2009 Some other time. Birgit Lindberg, Jan Adefelt. (SonoConsult.)
2010 Most of all. Birgit Lindberg Anders Färdal quartet feat. Anderz Bergcrantz. (Konfonium.)
2012 Smokin' jazz sessions. Birgit Lindberg Anders Färdal quartet. (Spring Cherry Records.)
2015 Damn that cat. Birgit Lindberg Anders Färdal quartet. (Do music records.)
2019 Blame it on my youth. Birgit Lindberg featuring Bernt Rosengren, Klas Toresson, Johan Norberg, Jonas Knutsson, Fredrik Lindborg, and Bo Sundström. (

2012 Seductive smoke. Live in Birgit Lindbergs apartment.


The jazz lady who disappeared. P2 Dokumentär.

Guest of honor, Umeå jazz festival 2018.

"Timeless." - Västerbottens folkblad 20190604.

"A small masterpiece." - Jazz - Orkesterjournalen #4 2019.

"Reflection....frenzy" - Lira 20191122.

"En riktig godbit." - Salt Peanuts

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